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Group Training

As part of your membership, we offer Group Training geared toward all fitness levels. The sessions are taught by our professional trainers and are focused on safe, efficient body altering exercises that improve the way you think, the way you train and the way you look! Sessions run 45-minutes at times during the day and evening six days a week that work within your schedule.

All our Group Training programs are designed to burn fat, build muscle and improve performance while keeping you injury free. We provide you with holistic nutritional programming.

The Band Difference

At MoJoe’s Gym, we use resistance band training based on your body weight and linear resistance. With the MoJoe’s resistance method, it’s easy to reach movement freely and safely—a much better approach than using dumbbells or dead hanging weights. You determine the tension with the resistance bands by moving to the safest and most effective spot for you on the floor. The benefits to you are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, tone and flexibility. You’ll feel better and see the results. All you have to do is show up and be prepared to start your workout!

Group Training Schedule

As an NCAA swimmer that has competed since 8 years old for multiple championship teams at every level I have been exposed to great training and coaching. So you can imagine my shock by the results I saw after having begun the Joe Romano method. Joe’s approach to a full body workout, while also keying on areas where there would be measurable results in my swim performance, resulted in my fastest times ever after having leveled off for a three year period. Now as I transition from a competitive athlete to a young adult in the work place, I will keep Joe and his method as a part of my life so I continue to feel and look like I do today!