Guilford, April 2015 — Joe Romano, a master fitness trainer and owner of two MoJoe's gyms in Milford, now owns the former Personal Training Institute at 995 Boston Post Road.

Matt Simoni, an experienced gym manager with a degree in exercise physiology, will manage the Guilford MoJoe's. Romano said he also is bringing in free weights, balance equipment and some new machines to help the trainers address and correct clients' individual needs and ailments.

"People will find the exercise regimens at the Guilford MoJoe's will be more personalized now," Romano said. "I'm carrying over the tri-level approach from my Milford gyms: cardiovascular conditioning, strength build-up, and nutrition. It's not just about exercise. It's about understanding nutrition, and how the body works.

"The goal is to make the body's foundation strong, starting with the core and working outward," he said. "You can't build anything unless the structure is strong and safe. Anyone can lose 10 pounds easily, but it usually comes back without that strong foundation. My program is for life, not just a 5- or 10-pound weight loss."

Romano has a degree in exercise physiology and more than 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He said he meets regularly with the trainers at each of his gyms — now including Guilford — to keep them up-to-date and well-educated about the latest facts and trends in fitness, health and wellness. He also devotes time to one-on-one training sessions and pro bono work with special-needs clients.

The Guilford MoJoe's will offer free educational seminars featuring area professionals discussing various health and wellness topics, Romano said. These will be open to the general public, as well as to clients.

For more information, call Joe Romano at MoJoe’s Gym, 203.693.3090



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Mojoe's Health Share Fitness Safety


Milford, CT, March 2015 — Master personal trainer Joe Romano is offering a free, three-part series of talks, "HealthShare Education Series," to help people sort through the confusion of options and theories about fitness that blast from advertisements, TV, magazines and online.

Romano, owner of MoJoe's Gym, will focus on safe training habits and injury repair in the first talk, which will take place Tuesday, March 24, 6:30-7:30 p.m., at MoJoe's Gym, 22 Furniture Row. Joining him in the discussion will be Dr. Matt Paterna of Shoreline Chiropractic, West Haven, and Anthony Ciaburri of Orange, who specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine.

The three professionals will explain such fitness fundamentals as: how movement patterns work with the body; preventing injuries; knowing the right amount of exercise; the benefits of chiropractic and physical therapy; and how to pick up or continue an exercise regimen after an injury.

The talk is open to the public; admission is free, though space is limited. To reserve a seat, email: or call: 203-693-3090.

Romano said he believes people can benefit from the discussion series, regardless whether they are new to fitness or have been training for a while.

"We've all heard dozens of methods for getting into shape and been tempted by trendy fads," he said. "Some of these even may work for a while for someone looking to lose weight or trim down, but ultimately you end up back where you started from, not feeling particularly healthy or fit.

"My goal with these talks is to teach people the best approaches to fitness and a healthy lifestyle," he said.

For more information, call Joe Romano at MoJoe’s Gym, 203.693.3090



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Milford, CT, June, 2014 — THE J SPOT GYM by MOJOE'S GYM is the vision of master trainer Joe Romano and incorporates Romano's "MoJoe's Method", a proven lifestyle and fitness philosophy that has already helped thousands of people. He currently operates a private training studio in the heart of downtown Milford, which opened its doors in August of 2011. THE J SPOT GYM is located at 20 Furniture Row in Milford, CT.

At noon on Wednesday, June 26th THE J SPOT GYM, with the Milford Chamber of Commerce, held a formal ribbon cutting ceremony with Milford Mayor Benjamin Blake doing the honors of cutting the ribbon. A big grand opening celebration took place at the gym later that day at 5:30pm.

THE J SPOT GYM is not selling a membership to nowhere, which will be forgotten about after your New Year's Resolution has worn off. They are not selling you trainers with little interest in their clients or useless equipment without supervision and nutrition shortcuts. THE J SPOT GYM is educating and training its members to adapt a new lifestyle of healthy living. It is an innovative approach to fitness and wellness that is proven to have your body ready to "compete at life."

Romano's proven philosophies consist of working the body athletically as one unit, improv­ing functional performance while resisting injury. This workout method is paired with a proper nutritional programming that directly supports the training, allowing adaptation and therefore full body results. Romano believes that proper workouts and proper nutrition must co-exist to see attainable and long-term results. Romano states, "I wanted to diversify the MoJoe's brand offerings by opening up my method to the masses in a more affordable manner."

When asked what makes THE J SPOT GYM different from other gyms, Romano responded, "Cli­ents oftentimes come in with injuries, serious chronic illnesses, excess weight or other physical limitations. Everyone who walks through our doors will leave with a nutritional program and an education on how to live the MoJoe's lifestyle. Most importantly, THE J SPOT GYM will simply not be another chain style fitness club. MoJoe's Gym and the J Spot Gymhas and always will be a family-centric gym where no one feels uncomfortable or self-conscious."

Life is competitive and physically demanding. At MoJoe's Gym and The J Spot Gym we prepare you to live a healthy, active and limitation free life.

"I started MoJoe's Gym and the J Spot Gym to show people that it's all about you. You're not a number. We will always strive to treat everyone as individuals with concern for improving their health & fitness."

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