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Joe Romano
Owner and Founder of MoJoe’s Gym and the MoJoe’s Method

Matt Simoni
General Manager

Adam Roderick

Alyssa Casey

David Wojciechowski

Nick Tufano

Jason Gomez

Chris DeMorais

Alex Munoz

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I started going to MoJoe’s gym in February of 2015. I had done ballet for 15 years, but have not done much physical activity in couple years and gave birth to my son in May of 2015. I was looking for a gym, but I had never used any of the equipment before and found the gym to be intimidating, I stumbled upon MoJoe’s Gym in Milford and decided to join. I figured a personal trainer could show me the proper way to use the equipment at the gym and guide me to tone my body in healthy system. I am extremely pleased with the service I have received at MoJoe’s Gym. There is open conversation so you can customize a workout schedule that works for your lifestyle. I am so satisfied with my experience; I decided to continue my sessions at MoJoe’s Gym. It does not matter what trainer you work with, they are all extremely professional and knowledgeable. They encourage you to eat healthy, not only before and after your workout but, throughout your day with easy suggestions. The trainers push you to give your all in each session with supervised assistance. It is a very comfortable environment at MoJoe’s Gym and I strongly recommend going in for a consultation if you are considering a new gym with a professional personal trainer that will not let you down.