How a personal trainer will benefit you

There are numerous reasons why a personal trainer is essential to achieving your fitness goals whether it’s losing weight, sports-driven, or simply living healthier. You’ll learn how to work out safely and properly to avoid the risk of injury while also learning the correct techniques when focusing on specific areas of the body. We believe that utilizing the services a personal trainer can provide is one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and well-being.

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How the Fitness equipment is used at MoJoe’s and why we’re Different

Most of the equipment we use here at MoJoe’s you’d also find in bigger gyms and sports training facilities; however, we use them differently. The highest percentage of people in larger gyms use cardio equipment, then machines, then followed by free weights. A smaller percentage of people then go on to use mixed equipment like cables, bands, etc. At MoJoe’s Gym, we start with cables because of their versatility for a variety of different exercises for different people’s needs. Most clients come to us after an injury, with a restriction or simply just plain wear and tear from an active lifestyle but by using adjustable equipment like cables and bands, we can manipulate the angle of resistance. This way, we’re able to move the cables inch by inch to achieve a better angle for your body, resulting in a better, more efficient beginning to your workout.Read More

Workout Myths Debunked

It seems like nearly everyone is ready to offer a piece of advice in this day of age. Unfortunately, a lot of the things you hear about diet and exercise are simply just not true. Don’t let the rumors get in the way of your healthy lifestyle goals. Below, we’ve debunked a of the most common diet and exercise myths so that you can stay on track, see better results, and meet your goals.

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Staying Committed

Three Ways to keep yourself committed to your New Year’s goals.

By surviving Valentine’s day, you may feel that a diet break would be warranted. After all, how could one cheat day diminish all the progress you have made toward your New Year resolution for better health? Quite a bit.

Chances are, if you have made it this far without cheating on your diet, you are either past the high calorie cravings or leaving your wallet at home in fear that you may blow your account on cheeseburgers. For those of you that are afraid of relapsing, we have the tips that can prevent you from caving in:Read More