Mapping Your Progress

How to set realistic goals and achieve them.

The year is early and your New Year’s resolution has already fallen through. It’s back to the drawing board and you are not sure what went wrong or how to start again. You had the aspiration, and the drive for quite some time, but you were not making the progress that others had made and became disheartened.

Let’s make it clear that all progress is good progress. If you lost five pounds in eight weeks, congratulations, you have lost more than I have. What is flawed, time and time again, is your goal. Every person that has the wish of being trim and boasting a lean figure expects to get there way to soon. We have a few tips that can help you set up the right goals that you will actually achieve.

Start Small

Overall, this the most important aspect to consider. Don’t think of it as pointless to walk on the treadmill for only ten minutes if it is all you can muster at a workout. If its start, you have your base to construct the rest of your achievements.

Give yourself time

Ten pounds in three months, very achievable. Ten pounds in four weeks, not so much. Your body does not like change, good or bad. Often when one loses a lot of weight in a short time, it comes back with a couple extra pounds the next month. The method of shocking your body into weight loss just isn’t sustainable. When you set goals, give yourself a realistic amount of time.

Set lesser goals

Every large goal should have milestones along the way. If you want to lose fifty pounds by the end of the year, make goals every two months to lose five pounds.

Ween out poor diet instead of drastic changes

Let’s say you have six sodas a day, and you want to cut them out completely. Great. But be careful. Slowly cut back on the amount of soda you drink. Have a distant goal of when they should be completely cut from your diet. If you want to switch from a sugary breakfast to oatmeal, meet in the middle. Go to a sugary oatmeal pack to transfer to plain oatmeal.

Stay Positive

You may have gained some weight in the middle of your diet. Maybe you have hit a slump. Don’t beat yourself up. Health is a commitment, and you will have your rough patches, take a day for yourself. But just one. Clear your head, and get back on track, likely the only thing that was preventing you from your progress was your mindset.