Golf Program - MoJoe's Gym

What Is Our Golf Program?

This group training class combines golf fitness training, functional exercise, dynamic stretching, and plyometric training to supercharge your body in a group environment for golf. This type of training focuses on core stability, strength, and explosiveness needed to create stability and mobility in the right places in your body for golf. Our program promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed, endurance, and explosiveness throughout your body while targeting muscles in the golf swing.

Benefits of the Golf Program

Ongoing golf programs throughout the year. Check for availability.


In sports training, we talk about Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand (SAID), or specificity. In general, what this means is, the body will get better at the actions we ask it to take, over time, therefore if we want to get better at a certain sport, we want to tailor the workout to that sport. This principle seems self evident, (do the stuff you want to get better at!!!), but what is not so self evident is the best road to get there. For example, baseball players long thought that warming up with a weighted bat was a great way to improve bat speed, it turns out, that’s not the case (it actually slows bat speed down.) Our Winter Golf Workout is designed to strengthen the patterns of movement that are required for golf by taking knowledge of the sport and translating it into a training program.


Golf has changed in recent years. We now know the importance of strength and conditioning for a strong game. Being a golfer means being an athlete. Being an athlete means training like one. If you want to take advantage of the cold weather, the best way to do that is by improving your conditioning and the best way to do that is a workout designed for the specific needs of  golfer.


If there is one thing that seems to be lacking for most golfers, it is flexibility. Our daily routines may as well have designed to make us twisted up balls of tightness. The bad news is, flexibility takes consistent time and dedicated effort to improve. The good news is, The off season is a fantastic time to really put in the work that will improve flexibility and therefore your game. Each workout will include flexibility work to get you on the right path.