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golf training

stay on top

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Golf-specific strength training optimizes your body for golf. No matter your age or skill level, you can improve your MOBILITY, CONSISTENCY, and DISTANCE on the golf course. Additionally, and more importantly, it can help PREVENT INJURY.

Mojoe’s founder, Joe Romano BS, TPI certified, and well-known local player/teacher Steve Fogler have developed this program to greatly enhance your ability to grow and improve as a golfer.

Increase force production

Increase distance

Improve rotational power

Maximize flexibility

Improve dynamic balance

Reduce injury Exposure

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Golf requires both physical and mental excellence. Our Winter Golf Workout targets key areas: specificity, conditioning, flexibility, and mental focus. This program enhances your skills, ensuring improved performance on the course. Train during the off-season to tackle the game’s challenges year-round.


Golf now emphasizes strength and conditioning. Our program improves your conditioning with workouts tailored to golfers’ needs, enhancing your strength and endurance.


Flexibility is often lacking in golfers. The off-season is perfect for improvement, and our workouts include exercises to enhance flexibility and performance.


In sports, the body improves at the actions we practice. Our Winter Golf Workout strengthens golf-specific movements by using sport knowledge to create a targeted program.


Golf is a mental game. Our Winter Golf Workout includes exercises to improve concentration and clarity, helping you stay calm and focused under pressure.