The best personal trainers in Guilford are at MoJoe’s

When you train at MoJoe’s, you receive a personal workout that’s evolved around you. Our personal trainers find and acknowledge your unique needs in order to fully develop a workout that’s focused on supporting your goals. No other gym near Guilford offers such personal training quality as we do here. Here are some ways in which we far surpass the competition when it comes to our personal trainers and you.

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, there’s a huge difference between being certified and qualified. Our qualified, while also certified, trainers are on another level when it comes to determining what you need. Your workout program should be your program. If you happen to catch your trainer working with another client, you’ll quickly notice that their workout will be different, as it is for everyone. We evaluate exactly what your needs and expectations are, then get into developing a plan to get you there.


Our personal trainers lead by example; not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk. Our trainers’ passion for fitness not only sets an example but inspires those yearning for a great body to go the extra mile. We’re able to demonstrate how to live a healthy lifestyle, feel great, and look great getting there. You’ll be more comfortable listening to advice when you know they’ve been there too, they’ve done the work just as you may be doing now and have gained experience through it. This creates a much more valuable training session than other gyms. We love fitness and want to ensure that you’ll enjoy it too.