Body Transformation Boot Camp

January 7th- Febuary 28th
Seminars Every Wednesday 6:30 pm

Weekly Seminars:

Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm we will be holding a half hour seminar. These lectures will teach you the foundational skills you need to meet whatever body composition goal you have. Each week will build on the week before so there is no overwhelming information dump. Each week we give you a few manageable assignments to help you practice the skills we are teaching. Every lecture will have multiple opportunities for questions followed by a weigh-in/ measurements.

One-on-One Attention:

Our staff will always be available to help you with any questions or problems you might have about the program. After the lectures on Wednesdays, before or after your personal training session or any time via email ( If you’re having trouble with designing your meal plan, getting yourself motivated to do cardio, or anything else, we will be there to offer support.

Peer Support:

Another great benefit of a program like this is having a built in peer group to offer support. Sometimes trying to make a lifestyle change can feel like swimming against the current of your life. Meeting every week with other people who are doing the same thing can offer an additional support to help achieve your goals. Of course, having knowledgeable professionals is important but, peer support and accountability is one more factor that may have been missing from your efforts in the past.

Tips, Tricks and Recipes

While there is no ‘one weird trick to torch belly fat!!!’ we do have some informative articles about topics ranging from food measurement to food storage that we will be releasing on the website to complement the information being taught in the seminar. Also, each week we will be publishing at least one recipe to help expand your healthy cooking arsenal.

Personal Training

If you have trained at Mojoe’s before, you know that building a foundation of knowledge is a large part of our fitness philosophy as well as our nutritional philosophy. If you haven’t trained at Mojoe’s before, you can expect personalized training that meets you where you are. We fit the training to the individual, not the individual to the training. Our personal training is why we are in business, it’s what we do best.

Group Classes and Cardio Equipment

When you join the Boot Camp program, you become a member here at Mojoe’s. That means access to our daily group training classes and cardio equipment. If you are ready to put even more time into your fitness, we have the resources for you.

Get Moving!

Call or email for more information.