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At MoJoe’s Gym, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment to meet all your fitness needs. Whether you’re building muscle, increasing endurance, or enhancing overall fitness, our facilities support your goals. We feature free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machines, and leg presses for versatile strength training.

Our cardio section boasts an impressive array of machines, including bikes, row machines, and battle ropes, designed to keep your heart pumping and energy high. These are complemented by additional strength training equipment to ensure a balanced and effective workout.

Our mission is to enhance your quality of life through safe and effective fitness practices. We provide private stations for personal training clients, allowing for a focused, 1:1 experience with a professional trainer. This ensures personalized attention while maintaining social distancing within our supportive, community-based atmosphere.

Extensive selection of free weights

Kettlebells for dynamic workouts

Variety of dumbbells for all fitness levels

Cardio bikes

Versatile cable machines

Row Machines

Leg presses for lower body strength

Battle ropes

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inbody 580


Fitness Analysis

At MoJoe’s Gym, we are proud to offer the cutting-edge InBody 580 for unparalleled accuracy in fitness assessments. This advanced technology measures Segmental Phase Angle and Segmental ICW, allowing for precise tracking of muscle and fat changes.

The InBody 580 provides comprehensive insights into your body composition, giving you a detailed understanding of your fitness progress. Its user-friendly design and customizable Result Sheet make it easy to monitor your improvements and set new goals. Experience the next level of fitness assessment technology at MoJoe’s Gym, and let us help you achieve your best self.

Accurate Measurements

User-Friendly Design

Advanced Metrics

Customizable Reports

Quick Assessments

Integrated Barcode Scanner