Stay true to Your Fitness Goals When You Need to be Home

“Whether you’re just starting out with your fitness journey or have always had a fitness plan, it never hurts to remember where you started.”

I have been involved with MoJoes since 2010 at the age of 50.  Even though I had dabbled in classes, and personal training in big box gyms prior to moving to Milford nothing has been more life altering than joining forces with Joe Romano and MoJoes Gym.  I had always been a back sufferer and could never stick to any one thing as a result of pain after each workout.  Once I learned good form and function in each and every workout was when things started to change.  I lost over 40 pounds, got into the shape of my life, and trained for a Senior Fitness Competition where I earned a trophy in June 2011.  I continued on a focused fitness plan at MoJoes ever since but with age, menopause, medication changes, and life ups and downs, the pounds were creeping up.

Fast forward 9 years to January 2020.  My husband and I bought a second home in Florida and this was going to be the year we were going to spend a lengthy time there.   With the help of Joe, we found a local gym and a personal trainer in the area.  They collaborated and put me on an aggressive fitness plan that was laser focused on nutrition and fat burning exercises to get me back on track. I dropped 15 pounds in a few months, and then the pandemic hit.

With gyms closed, I was determined to stay on my fitness plan. Nick Tufano, our Head Trainer and GMM, virtually trained me 2-3 times a week and with Nicks guidance, support and expertise, I was able to stay on track.  It was amazing to me how Nick was able to zero in on my form and function virtually so as to get the most out of each and every exercise.  I lost another 20 pounds, gained muscle and lost a significant % of body fat.

Virtual training has been one of the best experiences as it taught me that whatever you are doing or what the circumstances are, you can still stay true to your goals.  You do not need any fancy machines, or equipment, just the support of a highly trained professional that can guide you through your workout in the most effective, efficient and safe manner.

No matter what life brings, it is important to adapt to whatever those changes are and to always stay the course.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team of trainers to support me throughout my fitness journey at this stage of my life.

Marcia’s Testimonial – Age 61

Move your feet forward, move your toes back, hold that plank for another 30 seconds, stand up straight as best you can!

These are examples of the directives coming from NICK the lead trainer for Mojoes of Guilford. He must have a very good view of me in my basement workout area .How can he see so much on that little screen.

So I asked NICK how does he do it.?

He has trained people virtually for several years! He is motivated to provide the results we are looking for! I enjoy the challenge is NICK initiates for me during the sessions and I am quite satisfied with the results from the virtual training!

Paul Scott

I’ve been training at MoJoes’s in Guilford for over 2 years and my husband started a few months later. Sitting at a desk over the years really did a number on my back and core. Personal one on one training with Taylor, Darnell and Nick, helped me regain my strength, tighten my core and correct my posture. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve pivoted to live, one on one virtual training with Nick. We’ve set up a flexible selfie stick in our basement and am impressed with the variety of exercises that Nick carefully instructs us through, step by step, with basic equipment we already had. We’re amazed at how Nick is able to adjust and correct our form virtually. Nick, it’s like you’re in the room with us! We really look forward to our personal training sessions.

Dawn Scott