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If you don’t want the distractions of a big gym and you prefer personal attention, you’ve come to the right place. We believe every person has unique needs to reach individual goals for a healthy life. We fit the training to you, not you to the training.

When it comes to picking a trainer, there’s a big difference between being qualified and being certified. Our qualified trainers know the difference between what you need and what someone else may need.

Your individualized workout will take place in one of our training facilities with your Personal Trainer. Your workout changes with each session—it evolves as you improve with a full-body training regimen. Plus we include nutritional programming to support your goals. Some other areas of focus in our personal training are:

Weight Loss

Core Health & Strengthening

Sport-Specific Training

Nutritional Counseling

Joint Mobilization

Balance Work

Pre/Post-Natal & Senior Fitness

Postural Reconditioning

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